Hi! I'm Nicholas. 


In honor of our infinite nature, I generally avoid using labels. But for the sake of getting to know each other, I serve Spirit in my role as a nature priest, mystic, and spiritual guide.


When I was thirteen, I read a book by HH the 14th Dalai Lama and something moved in me.


Since that day I've been reading spiritual scriptures, exploring consciousness, and studying the healing arts.


And despite decades of struggling with depression, addiction, and chronic illness (more on that below), I’ve had a privileged and adventurous life.

I lived abroad for almost a decade, traveled to over 20 countries, and worked a variety of different jobs.

Most recently I was a high school history and philosophy teacher — and head of the social studies department — for seven years. Though I left education in 2016, I continue teaching and guiding people from all over the world through The Wave and The Ocean.


Currently, I am apprenticing in the Inca energy medicine tradition with my beautiful teacher, Maestro Don Alejandro Apaza of the Q’ero nation in Peru.


This is a challenging, rewarding, and lifelong path of healing and integration, cracking our hearts wide open and learning to live in harmony and sacred exchange with all of existence.


I walk it with great reverence and gratitude to my teacher, this lineage, and all the keepers of this wisdom… past, present, and future.


My teacher reminds me: “If you believe in something, you must believe in it until the end of your days.”


And when I reflect on how God put me here to help people, I cry tears of joy and gratitude.


That’s what I believe in, and I'll believe it until the end of my days. 


It is my life’s great honor to carry this medicine — and to share it with you.


Studies and Certifications:

-Inca Medicine Apprenticeship with Maestro Don Alejandro Apaza - Q'ero Nation, Peru (Ongoing)

-Traditional Vedanta Studies with Andre Vas (Ongoing)

-Life Coaching Certification - New Skills Academy - Winter 2020

-Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety - Beck Institute - Winter 2019

-Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Beck Institute - Fall 2018

-Reiki 1,2,3 Practitioner Training - MSI Wellness Center, Evanston, IL - Summer 2018

-Sound Healing Tuning Fork Training for Neurovascular Points - MSI Wellness Center, Evanston, IL -  Spring 2018