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Hi, I'm Nicholas.

I created The Wave and The Ocean as a reminder that You and I and all other beings are connected — individual waves in the vast ocean of life.


I’ve been studying traditional spirituality for over 20 years. And in that time, I’ve made nearly every “mistake” in the book.


I’ve tried to skip the basics for the higher teachings.


I’ve ignored my physical body and sought to ascend the earthly realm through misguided meditation practices.


And I’ve yo-yoed between my lofty spiritual pursuits and carnal pleasures more times than I could even count.


I even took a long detour through the marketplace of western yoga, weekend energy healing workshops, manifestation, and other twisting necks on the hydra of new age spirituality.


It was all supposed to heal me, or help me connect with my “higher self.”


But it only created more confusion.


A few years ago, during a bout of severe illness from chronic Lyme disease, I humbly re-committed myself to consistent spiritual study with qualified teachers. And during the course of my practice, a profound shift occurred.


I began to see my body, my mind, others, and even the earth — as living beings I could relate to rather than try to control.


From this profound awareness, healing continues to emerge in ways that go far beyond symptoms.


In 2018 I started The Wave and The Ocean with the intent of sharing simple, grounded spiritual teachings, and we've since grown into a community of over 100,000 humans.

Today, my lifelong studies in Advaita Vedanta meet my work in the Q'ero mystical tradition, re-envisioning health — and Self — through an animist perspective. 

Highest gratitude to my own teachers in traditional Advaita Vedanta: Andre Vas, Swami Dayananda, Swami Tadatmananda, Swami Chinmayananda, & Swami Paramarthananda; and my teachers in the native American indigenous healing arts, don Alejandro Apaza of Q'ero and Billie Topa Tate of the Mescalero Apache nation. 

Thanks for being here with me. 

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