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I had a truly incredible experience yesterday with Nick. We laughed, I cried but most importantly we engaged a part of me that I needed to surface and to be nourished. I am very excited and inspired for the road ahead of me. Our session was so impactful to say the least! I am forever grateful that Nick shares his gifts with those who are fortunate enough to meet him. 
So thank you Nick!
- Lysanne, 46
My experience had a bigger impact in my life than expected. Nick is an amazing listener and besides great guiding he will make you hear yourself and look in the mirror. Looking forward to my next session.
- Edouard, 32
I had a truly healing session with Nick. His wisdom, techniques and calm, steady presence were exactly what I needed. Even after one session I have a better grasp on my challenges and have been able to access a level of peace that had been evading me. I highly recommend that if you are thinking of booking a session, that you do absolutely give yourself that gift! Thank you so very much Nick!
- Jessica, 29
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Here's A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Nicholas aka The Wave and The Ocean
Nicholas (Reiki Master, Cognitive Behavior Therapist) is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, author, and visionary specializing in helping people create lives of purpose, passion, and peace. His innovative teachings combine spirituality, science, and nature to manifest spiritual and material abundance. 

For over 5 years now Nicholas has been helping clients awaken to their true purpose and potential.

  • He is the thought leader behind The Wave and The Ocean, a community of 100k+ seekers
  • Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist specializing in the Healing of Depression and Anxiety
  • Certified Reiki Master, Hawayo Takata Usui Lineage
  • Teacher of multiple Spiritual Transformation courses
  • Budding Author
  • And has helped hundreds of clients around the world discover their true purpose and create lives of peace and joy!
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