Immersive Energy
Medicine Ceremony

Two weeks of ritual and ceremony to facilitate healing & transformation at a profound level

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About The Wave
and The Ocean

Hi, I'm Nicholas...

I created The Wave and The Ocean as a reminder that You and I and all beings are connected — individual waves in the vast ocean of life.

I’ve been studying traditional spirituality for over 20 years. And in that time, I’ve made nearly every “mistake” in the book.

(You'll find more fun details about that in my story below) 

At the Wave and The Ocean, my lifelong studies in Advaita Vedanta meet my work in the Q'ero mystical tradition, re-envisioning health — and Self — through an animist perspective. . ​

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Energy Medicine Services
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For every session booked, we plant one tree at different locations around the world. 

Scholarships and discounted sessions are available for anyone requiring financial assistance. 
Please reach out to before scheduling your session.