Shamanic Healing Ceremony

What is earth-based energy healing?

In the Inca medicine tradition, there is no “good” or “bad” energy.


There are simply heavier energies that are difficult to digest, and lighter energies that are more conducive to healing.


These energies are opposite but also complementary. They depend on each other, and are meant to function in harmonious balance.


But when these energies are not harmonious in our energy field we can feel ill, sad, worried, stuck, or directionless.


In earth-based healing we examine these imbalances and seek to restore harmony, working with the energy available to us rather than against it.


We transmute energy, turning heaviness into lightness and creating new realities where healing and transformation are possible.  


Healing ceremony occurs in sacred space, where we call in our helping spirits and the wisdom keepers of past, present, and future to assist our healing journey.  


This is a safe, nurturing environment where the energies you need to work with can be gently brought to the surface to create quantum shifts in your energetic body.


The energy body holds the codes to the physical body, so when we remove negative imprints and create shifts in our energy body, activations and realignments can occur in our physical body.


By restoring balance in our energy fields, we “cleanse” our connection to source and activate the free flow of healing energy within us.  

What happens in a healing session?

Before our session, I make an offering to Pachamama (the sacred Mother energy) and ask for her intercession in our healing ceremony.


We start with a conversation, exploring what you are going through, what lessons are repeating, and what stories are ready to be rewritten.


After talking and creating an intention for your healing comes the deeper work: moving energies, facilitating shifts, and creating space for your true self to shine through.

Your session may include:

  • Cord-cutting (removing energetic links to people/places/habits/etc.)

  • Illumination (chakra cleansing and alignment)

  • Extraction (removing negative imprints or harmful "entities" in your field)

  • Soul retrieval (journeying to find and restore lost fragments of our soul, i.e. through trauma)

  • Shamanic journeying (traveling to other "worlds" for insight)

  • Breathing exercises

  • Rattling, drumming, sound healing (generating alpha waves in the brain to facilitate a healing state of mind)

  • Guided journeys, meditations, journaling, or mindfulness exercises

  • Rites of passage, ceremonies, energy transmissions

  • Coaching, mentorship, ritual development


Employing the wisdom of the Inca Q'ero medicine lineage, my sacred tools, and whatever spirit guides me to do, I hold space for your journey as you discover this healing technology within you.


Finding your own answers...


Turning your pain into medicine, and darkness into light.

Is energy healing right for me?

It's important to remember we are working with an ancient, earth-based medicine lineage.


Mother Earth moves is never in a rush. She doesn't try to fix herself. Her processes unfold slowly, beautifully, in their own time, and in the presence of love.


And so it is with this healing work. There is no judgment, shame, or not-good-enoughness in this medicine.


Shamanic healing is not going to "fix" you, and it's not a relaxation technique, either.


This is profound and meaningful inner discovery, clearing old storylines and ancestral trauma, re-orienting the mind from unhelpful thought patterns, and dropping deeper and deeper into the stillness of your heart.

Some of the things that draw clients to shamanic healing include:

  • Physical pain or tension

  • Heartbreak, sadness

  • Addictions, compulsive or automatic behavior

  • Lack of direction or purpose

  • Feeling stuck or blocked somehow

  • Low energy

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Anxiety or worry

  • Overthinking

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Anger, rage, easily irritated

  • Feeling disconnected, disembodied, or like you "don't belong"

  • Feeling like part of you is "missing"


Healing is a path we choose to walk. It leads to greater understanding and appreciation for ourselves, the world, and the interplay between all things.


But healing doesn't always look the same, and your experience is always unique to what's true for you in the moment.


Sometimes healing feels blissful, and shifts in our spiritual body can leave us feeling light and airy, like a great energy has been shifted and weight has been lifted.


Other times, healing brings us face to face with deep aspects of our shadow. It challenges us to look at what we've been hiding from and to walk headfirst into the flames of transformation.


It can be scary to face the things we don't want to look at, but spirit always gives us only what we are ready to handle, and always with love.


I preserve this medicine lineage exactly as taught to me by Maestro Don Alejandro Apaza, with no mixing or adaptations. And I honor his frequent words regarding working with this medicine:


"Slowly, slowly."


Sometimes we have to walk before we can run, working through the basics of our automatic habits, lifestyle, unhelpful thought patterns, etc. before we are ready to access deeper layers of our psyche.


You won't come for a single ceremony and be "fixed."


Healing sessions can facilitate profound shifts in your life as long as you are engaged in the work. And it IS work. If you expect the positive effects of healing sessions to last, it is up to you to integrate this medicine, to carry it with you, and to make the appropriate choices and changes in your life as your understanding grows.


I'm also not saying you need to work with a shamanic healer forever. How deep you want to go with this work — and how you do it — is entirely up to you.


You don't need to know exactly what your healing will look like. Spirit takes care of that. But by meeting in sacred space, by calling in our helping spirits and guides, and by simply having the intention to heal, you create the very reality where healing is possible...


As for me, my journey has been a long and deep one. It took me years working with healers to clear through addictive behaviors and negative imprints before I learned how to live my life as a sacred path. I continue working with this medicine, discovering more layers of healing, new lessons to integrate, and deeper stillness and love within me.


It is my great honor to carry this Q'ero healing lineage, to work with this medicine, and to share it humbly with you. 

For every session booked...

10% of session costs donated to the Q'eros nation in Peru 


2 trees planted — one in the Amazon rainforest and one in the U.S.

15% discount available to anyone requiring financial alleviation*

*Please contact me through prior to booking to arrange this.