Healing and Self-Remembrance

Transform suffering through deeper relationship with Mind, Body, and all other beings in You. 

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About The Wave
and The Ocean

Hi! I'm Nicholas, and I created The Wave and The Ocean as a reminder that everything is alive, and each of us is an individual wave in the ocean of life. 

We are a community of souls from all around the world learning how to to free ourselves from the self-help hamster by creating loving relationship with our minds and bodies, rather than dominating them. 

The Wave and The Ocean harmonizes self-inquiry, somatic awareness, and shamanic medicine to help us transform suffering and find safety in our bodies and stillness in our minds. 

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For every session booked, we plant a tree at various locations around the world. 

Scholarships and discounted sessions are available for anyone requiring financial assistance. 
Please reach out to before scheduling your session. 

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Shamanic Healing Offerings