Shamanic Energy Healing

A sacred space to discover the healing technology within you.

The Inca knowledge is based on sustainability and giving love.


We have to come back together and be as strong as a tree. We need to grow our branches and roots to be a positive being, bringing balance between this world, the underworld, and the upper world. 


That is our mission: to feel who we are, remember the energy of our roots, and establish an era of balance, health, and joy.

- Maestro Don Alejandro Apaza

Hi! I'm Nicholas. 

I am currently walking on the ancestral lands of the Kickapoo, Potawatomi, Miami, Peoria, and Oceti Sakowin peoples.

My own struggles with depression, anxiety, and chronic illness called me to the medicine path of energy healing. 

I work in the Inca earth-based healing tradition, exactly as taught to me by my beautiful teacher, Don Alejandro Apaza of the Q’ero nation in Peru. 

It is my life's great honor to carry this medicine — and to share it with you. 

For every session booked...

10% of session costs donated to the Q'eros nation in Peru 


2 trees planted — one in the Amazon rainforest and one in the U.S.

15% discount available to anyone requiring financial alleviation*

*Please contact me through prior to booking to arrange this.
Comments from other journeyers

Nick is amazing, the healing was surprising and beyond any expectation.

He uses diifferent "tools" depending by what's comes up during the session.

I have felt heard and safe with a beautiful feeling of being accompanied in a part that needed to be put in the light.

He is so caring, respectful, serious and funny at the same time, just adorable.

His voice and his presence are so calming and reassuring.

His insight is so deep and the value of the healing ceremony that follows after also with the suggestions, is enlightening and very helpful to keep working by myself, before the next session! Looking forward. Much love Nick and thank you.

- Francesca F. 

I had a truly incredible experience yesterday with Nick. We laughed, I cried, but most importantly we engaged a part of me that I needed to surface and to be nourished. 

I am very excited and inspired for the road ahead of me. Our session was so impactful to say the least! 

I am forever grateful that Nick shares his gifts with those who are fortunate enough to meet him. So thank you Nick!

- Lysanne L. 

My experience had a bigger impact in my life than expected. ​Nick is an amazing listener and besides great guiding he will make you hear yourself and look in the mirror. 

Looking forward to my next session!

- Edouard L. 

I had a truly healing session with Nick. His wisdom, techniques, and calm, steady presence were exactly what I needed. Even after one session I have a better grasp on my challenges and have been able to access a level of peace that had been evading me. 

I highly recommend that if you are thinking of booking a session, that you do absolutely give yourself that gift!

Thank you so very much Nick!

- Jessica W. 

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